Book Keeping

Exasperated Business Owners Read On....

You spend all your working hours chasing sales, developing your business and providing the best service you possibly can to your customers and clients in order to grow. You want to spend your (little amount of) spare time enjoying your family and hobbies, not sitting and sifting through paperwork and bank statements trying to keep on top of doing the book keeping yourself.

Here at Karaccounts we are often approached by exasperated business owners frustrated with trying to keep their own books and asking us to take over. Managing your books yourself to save money can often end up a false economy- think of the amount of time of time you've spend picking through invoices and what you could have achieved if you spent that time focusing on your sales?

We aim to ensure our bookkeeping services remain as streamlined and as hassle free as possible for our clients. Whether that's collecting the paperwork in person or arranging a courier for delivery and return we make each step as convenient for you as we possibly can. Sure, there's probably going to be a bit of phone tennis initially whilst we get you sorted but you'll be provided with so much support that it'll be over in no time.

If you would like to maintain certain aspects of your books yourself once we are all set up, we will happily sit and teach you how to.

If you like the sound of freeing up more time to focus on your business or personal life, give us a call today to get started.


"Kara provides an efficient and personal service. She always has my companies best interests in mind and really feels part of the business"

Mark Pullinger
Director of Specialist Small Craft Ltd

"Last year I used Kara to help me with my tax return. I have absolutely no knowledge of the tax system or completing self-assessments and was quite nervous at the thought of dealing with HMRC, but Kara helped me with everything.

She provides a kind and friendly service and offered clear advice & guidance in regards to all the documentation I required, the processes and how to register with HMRC. Once I had gathered all the documentation together Kara went through everything, calculated the taxable amount due on my capital gain and help me complete my self-assessment. She was then able to advise me on how to contact HMRC and discuss my tax affairs and personal circumstance with them.

Kara's advice, knowledge and expertise not only helped me complete my tax return on time and pay the taxed owed without incurring any fines, but gave me the confidence to talk to HMRC and deal with everything head on. Ultimately this ended with a good result for me which took in to account my personal circumstances but got HMRC the tax that was due.

I would highly recommend Kara's service to anyone for any future taxation concerns"

Self-Assessment Client

Hassle free bookkeeping awaits